Frequently asked questions

All training videos must be in the MP4 file format.

Aim Perfect is compatible with Windows 10 or 11.

The best ratio is 16:9 because it allows you to work with the full surface of the paper screen. Although you can work with any ratio if the screen is built with the right proportions.

Yes. We have a full selection of scenarios that are available for purchase.

It depends of your projector and the location where you have it setup. If you have 7 feet of space between the floor and the ceiling, your screen can be up to 12 feet large if you respect the ratio of 16:9 (and your projector can allow it).

Yes. Although, when you are shooting during the day, you should try to provide as much shade as possible around the screen if you want to see it clearly. We suggest a black tent with lateral walls along with the use of a black cloth, closing the back end of the tent.

Absolutely! All you need is a sheet of plywood behind the screen, and any location can be used as a training station for the safe use of force.